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Empowering & Transforming Through Arts and Sports.
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a brick and a book!

We’re raising funds for the construction of a community centre at the Desert Dolphin Skatepark. You may have heard about our skatepark from the Netflix original film, SKATER GIRL. It's Rajasthan's first and one of India’s largest skateparks spanning over 14,500 sq ft. Dubbed as the DOLPHIN HOUSE, the proposed community center will include a library and a creative space that will function as an indoor workshop venue for musicians, artists, craftspeople and educators who wish to volunteer and have a shared experience with the children and community. A terrace viewing deck will provide a relaxing space for locals and visitors as the sun sets over the skatepark. We’re targeting a December 2024 build. 

About Us


The Living Grace Foundation was formed upon the success of constructing Rajasthan's first ever Skatepark built in a remote village in Rajasthan which now runs as a community skatepark impacting over 5,000 kids from surrounding villages. When we saw the impact our skatepark and skateboarding had on the local community we knew we had to ensure that change continued long after the fruition of the skatepark. And that's how the germ of The Living Grace Foundation came into existence.

TLGF believes that Art and Sports are powerful tools to educate and empower. The skatepark is where we found the children at their most free, open and creative self. We didn’t need to coax them to turn up. This is the place they are at before school, after school, on a holiday, on a festival or during breaks from their time at the farms. We aim to introduce them to the power of peer learning and collective knowledge, and skateboarding has already laid a very strong foundation for us. Currently at a very nascent stage of design, the larger vision is to have a community centre that teaches through play and uses art as an integral part of learning.

Our Work


The Living Grace Foundation is an initiative by actor, writer and producer, Vinati Makijany. In her career spanning over 15 years, she has worked with over thousands of children across the globe using art as an effective tool for social change. 


She owes her perspective on alternate learning to the performing arts that brought her closer to reality and ignited a deep desire to use her skills and talents for the benefit of society. Vinati is one of the founders of the Desert Dolphin Skatepark, in a village in Rajasthan. It now runs as a community skatepark impacting over 5,000 kids from around the villages.

"Art for me is not what IS, but what CAN BE."

OUR work




The Volunteer Programs with the Living Grace Foundation are an exciting way to use your talents to teach and inspire children and provide them with new experiences and skill sets. 

The Desert Dolphin skatepark is not just where the children come to skate, but it is their second home.  We are seeking volunteers who can shape these impressionable minds with patience, love, and a lot of fun with a willing and cheerful spirit. 

The children are encouraged to partake in many activities other than skateboarding. Although skateboarding is at the center of all our programs we're looking to engage children with all facets of arts, crafts, media and sports.  We believe that skateboarding is the doorway to transforming their lives and we’d love for you to join hands with us on this journey. Volunteer with us on or off ground. 


MEET OUR collaboratorS


The best reward for making a film on skateboarding and empowerment was the ability to build a skatepark in a local community. Today these kids are representing the state in national championships!

- Manjari Makijany, Filmmaker

You transformed not just a piece of land but everyone who visited it. Desert Dolphin Skatepark is a clear reflection of the heart and soul of people who created it. I am ever so grateful that I got to work with some of these children. It would be right to say that the Skatepark is helping a village, its kids and its visitors to find a way forward in their respective journeys in the most graceful manner. 

- Hetal Varia, Voice & Dialect Coach
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The smiles and happy faces I see when I spend time at the skatepark and the transformation of character that I have witnessed over the last three years interacting with the kids has made my involvement a very rewarding one. I’m committed to support the vision to further develop workshops and educational activities and to expanding the facility to enable the kids to grow into good citizens and maybe some stellar athletes along the way. 

- Emmanuel Pappas, Filmmaker

It has been a beautiful journey to be a part of the construction of the skatepark and also to be able to teach hundreds of kids to skate. They say 'the journey is more important than the destination', well waking up to kids screaming my name to opening the gate to the skatepark and seeing them run inside with lot of excitement to achieve something every day is priceless. This space has already proven to be a fruitful land for many.

- Kevin Christoper, Skate Coach
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